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Understanding the needs of our clients has helped us strategically plan & scientifically design our storage facilities for optimal efficiency. The focus has been to ensure handling of high volume throughput smoothly in addition to superlative storage systems, which keep them completely safe from natural & other elements while they are stored.

Our decades of experience has resulted in innovative methods & procedures like FIFO (First-In-First-Out) for freshness of material reaching the consumer, specialized palettes to restrain goods coming in contact with the floor and various other innovative processes like Stacking, Labeling etc.

All warehouses are designed for adequate ventilation and are equipped with Exhaust Fans, Gravity Ventilators & Turbo Ventilators for proper air circulation. Adequate lighting, as well as stringent adherence to all statutory building & safety norms make our storage facilities greatly in-demand from the biggest names across a spectrum of industries.